Services After Installation

Help Desk Support Service is the after-sales support service provided to analyze and solve problems and meet POS AŞ’s customers’ needs and demands in the point of sale.

Within the scope of this service, customers questions (such as “How can I do it?”) related to the functions and parameters on the point of sale system are answered. In addition, end-user support is provided by solving problems that do not require code changes, and calls are tracked and reported monthly.

Our customers can reach the Help Desk Support Service via existing annual support packages by choosing the one that suits them, or they can take advantage of the call-based charged service when necessary.

For the Help Desk Support Service, you can contact the POS AŞ customer representative or the solution partner’s representative.

For POS Help Desk working hours and contact information, please visit our “Support Services and Contact Information” page.

You can reach the POS Help Desk between 08:30 and 23:30, 365 days a year.

POS Help Desk