Retail Point System Version / Patch Management Services

Within the scope of the service, it is aimed to transfer one or many changes to a live environment in a version of the center, store, cash register and external system integrations for the operation of the retail point system in a planned way and to follow it in a live environment.

Service Scope:

  • Conducting version planning studies,
  • Acceptance tests,
  • Making preparations to go live environment,
  • Dissemination of the version,
  • Completion/monitoring of release and dissemination,
  • Emergency versions management,
  • Defining acceptance criteria of release and dissemination,
    • Operating system and anti-virus acceptance criteria
    • Critical network devices acceptance criteria
    • POS software acceptance criteria
    • Release and pre-dissemination acceptance criteria
  • Installing or updating POS software on the systems,
  • Installing/updating anti-virus software on systems,
  • Uploading operating system version (version) changes to the systems,
  • Uploading operating system service pack changes to the systems,
  • Installing operating system security patches on the systems,
    • Critical security patches within a maximum of 1 month
    • No critical patches within a maximum of 3 months

You can reach the POS Help Desk between 08:30 and 23:30, 365 days a year.

POS Help Desk