Retail Sales Point System CMDB Management Service

Within the scope of the service, it is aimed to create and manage the CMDB (Configuration Management Database) of the Retail Sales Point System and make it available to relevant stakeholders when necessary.

What is CMDB?

Configuration management database or CMDB/ Information Technology Infrastructure Library or ITIL is one of the most important components of the necessary infrastructure for companies. Even if ITIL is not implemented in companies, the CMDB structure forms the heart of the IT infrastructure.

  • The components of an information system are called configuration items (CI).
  • These items can be software, hardware, documentation and personnel, and any combination of IT components.
  • It provides detailed information about the important features of CIs and the relationships between CIs.
  • CI is identified by the following components:
    • Technical
    • Ownership
    • Relationship

Why is CMDB required?

  • To ensure compliance between IT services and business needs,
  • To facilitate business transformation,
  • To facilitate the implementation of processes,
  • To manage CI relationships,
  • To identify the effects and events of the change on the infrastructure,
  • To reduce the cost of service delivery in IT,
  • To ensure delivery, service and customer satisfaction,
  • To make advanced measurement and management reporting,

What are the problems?

  • Additional cost that may arise if the configuration management is not done well
  • Enterprise CMDB software cost
  • Possible costs for usability and expertise in CMDB management
  • Training and implementation plans can be complex
  • Application time
  • Integration with other ITIL processes (such as change management)

Scope of Service

  • Examining processes (analysis, meetings etc.)
  • Identification of appropriate CMDB options (software, solution)
  • Inventory of retail sales point systems
  • Identification of ownerships
  • Identification of CIs’
    • Technical features,
    • Ownerships,
    • Relationships

• Currently in the institution;

  • If required,
    • creating a change management process; if there is an existing one, ensuring the integration,
    • Creating incident management processes if there is an existing one, ensuring the integration,
  • Providing project management services for all services to be provided

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