TSM Services

TSM, which stands for “Trusted Service Manager” are intermediary centers that manage the next generation payment processing devices (ÖKC) by the approved ÖKC provider, conduct software updates, transmit the price sales report information used by the ÖKC’s to the Presidency of Revenue Administration (GİB).

Upon the completion of the certification process immediately after the publication of the relevant regulations of the GİB, POS AŞ installed and activated them within the principle of redundancy.

POS AŞ’s primary TSM centers are located in the IBM Izmir data center and the secondary center is located in the IBM Istanbul data center.

Our TSM centers have international certifications of “ISO 27001 Information Security Management System”, “ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System” and “ISO 20000-1 Information Technologies Service Management System”.

POS AŞ fulfills the standards requirements of the relevant standards of the GİB for our TSM centers, and offers the value added TSM services listed below:

Value Added TSM Services

  • To deliver daily sales reports to our customers.
  • To inform our customers on the PPDs that do not send sales data to the TSM center for a certain period of time.
  • To inform about the status of the PPD while delivering the sales reports.
  • To inform our customers about PPD inventory and PPD situations.
    • PPD status information
    • Information of the PPDs registered on our customer
  • To inform our customer about the PPD that did not send the monthly sales report to the TSM within the relevant month before delivering the monthly sales reports to the GIB, and to enable the report to be fully transmitted to the GİB.
  • To inform our customers about the reports sent after submitting their monthly sales reports to the Revenue Administration.
  • To convey the monthly PPD monthly reports, which did not arrive within the relevant month, to the GIB when the report reaches TSM and to inform our customer about the report submitted the following morning.

Value added TSM services are among the services we offer to our customers. Customers who would like to benefit from these services, can just communicate with the customer representative of POS AŞ, or the customer representative of the solution partner.

Installation Services (http://www.mpnapps3.com/POS/hizmetler/tsm-hizmetleri/kurulus-hizmetleri/)

Installation services provided by POS AŞ can be grouped under three main headings:  software installation and configuration services, hardware installation services and store opening support services

Software installation and configuration services cover installation of POS applications, configuration of parameters and system tests.

Hardware installation and activation services involve the physical installation of the server, cash register and peripherals located in the store automation structure in areas where they will be used continuously in the store.

The store opening support service is an optional service provided to assist store personnel in technical issues, to respond immediately to problems that may arise and to ensure the continuity of the system, and its duration is determined according to the customer structure and needs.

All the above-mentioned establishment services are provided by experienced system experts and authorized field technicians in accordance with the dates specified in the project plan.

You can reach the POS Help Desk between 08:30 and 23:30, 365 days a year.

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