Training Services

Retail industry is one of the service sectors in which educational practice need to be given the greatest importance.

POS AŞ provides various technical and user trainings for the needs of retailers within the project services or upon request in the post-project period.

The trainings can be planned in accordance with the customer resources and demands, and can be given in the head office of the customer or in different provinces and regions depending on the distribution of the customer.

At the same time, “Cashier and Cashier User Training”, where sales and non-sales transactions are practically explained by system experts who are experienced in retail front office applications and processes, are provided. Thus, the cashiers in charge are provided to use the systems easily and smoothly and to complete the sales process quickly and serve the maximum number of customers.

This training can be delivered directly to the end users according to customer preference, or it can be organized in different concepts depending on the training of the trainer.

“Store and Cashier Managers” course in which financial transactions, approval processes, cashier reconciliations, reports and system closing processes are explained, and “Head Office” user training which covers  system messages, additional modules, closing and back-up, debugging procedures, customer-specific applications, data maintenance, authorizations, front office network training, connection structure and configuration, campaign and promotion definitions, product, customer definitions and transfers, is among the other trainings we offer.

You can reach the POS Help Desk between 08:30 and 23:30, 365 days a year.

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