GeniusOpen Service Layer

Bring all your technologies together to create multi-channel customer experience, improve store operations and increase overall efficiency.[UT1] 

It is very important to update your technology to respond to the changing needs of your business and customers faster and to improve your business. GeniusOpen is an integrated service platform that brings together all your channels and applications that you communicate with your customers, especially POS, mobile and self-service points of sale.

GeniusOpen allows you to offer your customers an uninterrupted experience by singularizing your customer data, campaigns and even applications on all channels.

1.1 Online Campaign Engine (E-Campaign) 

GeniusOpen takes all the campaigns that you support in your POS application online and allows you to offer the same promotion and campaign to your customers on every channel.

1.2 Customer Loyalty Cards, Tickets and Gift Cards (ServiceBus)  

This allows you to offer your sales services such as loyalty points, tickets or gift cards without interruption on all channels, by singularizing your customers in the store and online customers.

1.3 Product and Order Management Service (PMS)  

By singularizing your product and order data, it enables you to use your applications such as in-store order, home delivery, click and collect, shopping list. While bringing your store sales experience to the online environment, it creates an uninterrupted shopping experience by presenting your online products to your customers in the store.

It also increases your productivity by taking orders or pre-orders from your customers in the store.

1.4 Virtual Product Management Service (VPS)  

It helps you increase your profits by providing your customers with online products and services (such as warranty sales, warehouse sales, ticket sales) that do not require in-store inventory.   

1.5 Data Processing Management Service (TRx Manager) 

It combines your POS data with your online sales data. It ensures that products purchased online are returned at the store.

1.6 SMS Service

It enables your customers and store personnel to verify via SMS in every transaction that requires SMS verification.  

You can reach the POS Help Desk between 08:30 and 23:30, 365 days a year.

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