Central Management Software

It provides retailers with central management-monitoring and quick and accurate decision making based on the location.

4.1 GeniusOpen Central Management Module (OpenOnline Center – OOC)

OOC provides retailers with quick and accurate decision-making based on central management-monitoring and location.

4.2 Lookup Service

Lookup Service allows GeniusOpen POS application, libraries and databases to be updated automatically from the center and to monitor the result.

The Lookup Service saves you time and operational efficiency with automatic updates.

4.3 Retail System Management Platform (RSMP)

Managing your point of sale system from one central location allows you to optimize efficiency, improve communication and remotely monitor store activity.

RSMP allows you to manage your store with direct access to all POS systems and related peripherals. It actively communicates with your POS terminals and manages your inventory, including remote registration, status retrieval and connection related processes.

With its predictive alerts, it maximizes efficiency for IT teams and store employees.

RSMP also enables you to access all software, peripherals and POS data from a single point with the system management console.

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