Retail Sales Point System Business Continuity Services

It is aimed to ensure business continuity during the maximum time that the institution can withstand in the event of a disaster or interruption.

Service Scope:

  • Establishing policies, procedures and plans related to business continuity,
  • Establishing management strategy and goals related to business continuity,
  • Identification of threats and scenarios,
  • Operational risk assessment,
  • Creation and implementation of crisis management plans and teams,
  • Creating business continuity test scenarios,
  • Application of business continuity tests in periodic periods,

Target Time of Recovery (Recovery Time Objective, RTO): Required period of time to recover a critical business process from the moment of the disaster or crisis, before it suffers a serious loss.

Tolerable Data Loss Time (Recovery Point Objective, RPO): The maximum time that a data loss that can be experienced in a TSM infrastructure service can withstand.

MTPoD (Maximum Tolerable Period of Disruption): Maximum tolerable downtime.

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